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Hello everyone how are you?
I have Mazda 3 2020 4A01 FW - my question is how I can make the update version to EU01 - like what wrote on the "MUST READ.. file" on MEGA folder?

Anyone got successful in this case?
Maybe need add-on file to make "force update" to this FW version?

Because the system not readable / nor found the file - this EN01 .kwi file !!

Please HELP!
Many thanks for that & best regards,


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What is the Version Number in your car now?
What OS system is your PC?... MacOS are no good to use.
What size flash drive, PLUS there can NOT be any other files on your Flash Drive.
The file must be a .kwi on flash drive.

To answer part of your Question in 2019 the Mazda 3 for Europe was shipped from Japan with either 4A0* or EU0*.
You can not install a lower Version Number than what is in your car now as you did not say.
Hey ASH8 how are you sir?
Ok, the version number on my car now is:
7000C0A-4A01_10015 .
My OS system is windows 11 pro.
USB flash drive is 8GB & the .kwi file is only in the flash drive!

ASH8 - you got success with the update to EN01 FW?

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Windows 11 pro does not exist, I guess you mean 10.

Suggest you RE-FORMAT Flash Drive, Download file again, check the Checksum Hash is correct.
If that does not work I cant answer, maybe Mazda change in 2020 MY cars I do not know, but 10015 is close to original release of 2019.

IF we could get 4A0* I would, have you asked your Dealer?, but you Must say there is an issue with your Connect Screen like 'Screen is not always showing correct time of the day when you start car'.
Usually the Dealer will update Firmware.

see how you go and get back.
This is my windows version, i don't mean 10.. i told you 11.
i made re-format to my USB flash drive.. it's doesn't helping.. & i checked the Hash is correct too.
i willl tried to ask dealrs on israel about the update the FW version.
i tought you can help me with this issue..


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OK smart a^^.
W11 is NOT an official release, big deal you are an Insider I was too for many years until I got fed up with all MS slow lane and fast lane updates now Preview BS updates..
Clearly you know what you are doing...have a nice day.
Hey ASH8 how are you?
wish you have a nice day too, But still have the big question about how to make the update from 4A01 to EN01.
Because on the Mega.nz cloud have description how to make the upgrade.. nut it's wrong guide!
This case and my question have not yet been closed.
I would like to get more help on my question.

Big thanks & best regards,

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View attachment 283206



NEXT Generation (2019~) Genuine Mazda CONNECT Firmware is here.
4A0 is for ADR or Australia-NZ, Asia (except Japan +China), Middle East, Brazil, Pacific O
EU0 is for Europe and UK
NA0 is for North America, USA, Canada, Mexico.
View attachment 282991

The SINGLE File is ONLY for Mazda 3 (BP) and Mazda CX-30 (DM) and MX-30 (DR) also next Generation Models on-ward,
it is not a .up File but a .kwi File on your small/clean FAT32 USB Flash Drive.
Can Not be used in The Original Mazda/MZD Connect 2014-20xx.
You can not rename File whatsoever.

You must only have the correct single .kwi file on a small FAT32 (about 16GB) Flash Drive, file CAN NOT be in a .zip or .rar format.
IF you are using ANY MacOS PC then that will also corrupt Flash Drive as Macs add hidden files onto flash drive.

CMU_7000C0A-NA01_12002.kwi *
CMU_7000C0A-4A01_10049.kwi (USE EU01)


The NA01 file is for North America ONLY and is < 856MB in size.
The EU01 file is for Europe and is < 706MB in size.

NOTE: File Version Above are ONLY for all new Mazda 3 (BP) and CX-30 (DM), MX-30.


If your MAZDA has a Higher Package Number right now (which means a later Firmware version) CAN NOT INSTALL ANY OLD or OUTDATED VERSIONS as You can't downgrade in error.

Do Not Combine TiCK all the information at once into one .zip File or as a ''Download All''. Double Click on Server FOLDER reveals the Contents.

Download the Main File (.kwi) and other information .pdf and .txt as ONE File at a time.

IF you do have as a .zip file must use a separate program (WinRAR, WinZip) to un-Zip or extract your download.
CHECK .kwi File Integrity with checking it’s Checksum Value.
MUST ONLY be a .kwi File on your small FAT32 Flash Drive to update in car.

Right now..
WE ALL rely on other Mazda Owners or Mazda Dealer worker friends to obtain + supply this Dealer only software, so wherever you are in the wide-world and You can get a Copy for your own Country on a flash drive, Please PM me or others here who can upload from you and host in Server giving to other Premium Mazda Owners. >:)

NEWS: On page 20 of this thread (my Browser) is a long list of FAQs for latest ''MAZDA CONNECTED SERVICES'' and explanation in regard to the MyMazda App version 6.0.0 or higher for your Phone, INCLUDING REMOTE STARTING OF CAR (for Auto Trans Models Only)...MODEL MUST HAVE FACTORY DELIVERED TCU and Mobile Data Access through your Telco, not for all Models or all Countries.
ASH8 - The file: CMU_7000C0A-4A01_10049.kwi (USE EU01) - Not working on my 4A01 - 10015 version.
I am also tried to rename that file CMU_7000C0A-EN01_10049.kwi to that CMU_7000C0A-4A01_10049.kwi ... no any success !

Need help bro.. please.. maybe have another way to do that.

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Firmware versions updated in post #1.
Note all new CX-50 (for North America ONLY) is included and uses the same code/font/feature style and screen layout as Mazda 3, CX-30, MX-30.

Hi Ash how are you sir?

Have FW 4A01 newer than 10042?
If yes and you have it, can you send me the FW for Mazda3 2020?

Big thanks & best regards,
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