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  • Bill Smith ·
    Just wanted to thank you for the Mazda firmware and instructions for the addition of AA/AP. Waiting on parts but the firmware went smoothly.
    Anninos Michaelides ·
    hello..can you help me please..I have buy mazda 2 2015 from japan and mzd connect is in Japan langunge and version.can you help me to how to install europe firmware version?? I live in Cyprus.
    Skylor LeSurf ·
    Hello, I was reading your "Mazda-MZD Connect FIRMWARE Downloads-UPDATED" post (Very well done and thank you for all that info) but the two links ive copied below are not working, im getting a 403 error and its a closed post so i cannot post this question there, any advice or info on this would be much appreciated. Im running 33.00.500 on my 2015 mazda 3 and am looking to upgrade my firmware so i can continue with mzd aio tweaks.

    NA 59.00.441A Failsafe :6,864 KB

    NA 59.00.441A Reinstall :882,048 KB
    Tobermory ·
    Hi, I'm looking to install Mazda's Apple Carplay/Android Auto upgrade to my 2019 Mazda CX-5, which in Ecuador still does not come with either as standard. I have been looking at the various tutorials on line, but the one thing I'm not sure about is which firmware version I need for Ecuador, South America. Would it be the North America, USA, Canada, Mexico, known as 'NA N' or possibly the Australia/NZ, Southern Hemisphere, South Asia, Oceania, known as '4A N'?
    Also, which is the best site to find the latest firmware (70.00.021A or above)? I've been looking at the HiDrive Share Site (https://my.hidrive.com/share/hsodpqja.l#$/Mazda_Firmware)
    Many thanks in advance.
    inda ·
    I have a Mazda cx-9 2015 and I need to fix the Bluetooth connection between the radio and my iPhone.
    I appreciate if you can provide me some information about the website where I could download some updates for my radio.
    khalidb86 ·

    hope you are doing fine .

    I have Mazda CX5 2017 .

    I sent it to the Mazda Dealer to add android auto to the car , and since my car was the first car they do the upgrade to they have changed the USB hub and cables without installing the ADR_70.00.021A .

    Now my car doesn't recognize any USB flash memory inserted to the USB hub , its seems that the SD working fine since the MAPS shows up , and USB hub able to charge my phone without detecting it .

    is there any way or work around to fix this or installing the update from SD memory or other serial port , or they should remove all there work and start over .

    currently my car on : ADR_59.00.502A version .

    The agency is lost know

    Thanks For your Help ,
    engr.doben ·
    Hello, may I have the permission to download the files to upgrade my Firmware? I tried to download the files many times but it always says error 403? or something like authorization error...my firmware version by the way is

    OS Version 42.00.500
    Music Database Version 00.03.000
    Fail Safe Version 42.00.500

    I'm from Philippines...thanks
    The_Matrix000 ·
    I have a suggestion, how about making two new threads one for Mazda Apple CarPlay problems/troubleshoot/suggestions and the same for Mazda Android Auto, since a lot of the forum users have upgraded their cars already and few of us are bumping into problems since this is kinda new for lots of people/app developers/etc
    Ziv Yichya New ·
    hi ASH8
    I wanted to ask if you could help me find a site that I could order the parts for CarPlay unit for EU
    i need this USB Data Cable C830-V6-60Z
    and this AUX Unit TK78-66-9U0C
    Leonel Arribança ·
    Hi ASH8,
    I've got an Africa BJA8-66-EZ1C GPS SD Card.
    Any interest in get content copy to put in "...my.hidrive.com/share..."?
    Best Regards,
    randomstuff ·
    Hi ASH8,

    Does the new CP & AA usb unit support the CX-9 2018 line? If so, is there a way to order the unit + cables online?

    Thank you very much.
    jpardof ·
    Hi there Ash8

    I have a CX-5 2016 from Mexico (NA)

    The version is 59.00.441 NA N
    File Safe 59.00.441

    I have just read that thers a new version including Adroid Car and Apple Car

    How can I update my firmware?
    Moayd ·
    Hi there I'm newbie i own cx5 2016
    - VIN JM8 KE
    - MZD connect is 51.000.345

    From middle east ( saudi arabia )

    i want to update my software but i don't know which one
    aksel ·
    Model :Mazda axela
    cars VIN Number : JM6BM

    firmware version:33.00.500
    Music Database Version is 00.08.00
    Fail Safe Version is 33.00.500

    Note: Earlier Versions of Firmware may not show any 'type' or letters after the numbers on your touch-screen, until a later update has been installed, be careful if there are no alpha letters after the firmware numbers that you do install the correct type for your Country, do not guess it, ask here if you are not certain.

    MY car live in..Macao, China
    Can you give me the right firmware download address? THX
    [email protected] ·
    Hi Sir,

    Can you help me with this problem, please? I recently purchased a 2014 mazda3 skyactive 2.0L vehicle from Japan but I reside in the Caribbean which speaks English only.

    My firmware details:
    OS: 55.00.650 JP M
    Music Database: 00.05.000
    Fail Safe Version: 55.00.650

    I would like to update the firmware to an english model.
    1) is it possible to update from japan model to english model successfully?
    2) If yes, which one would be best suited for me, ADR, EU or NA?

    Your feedback would be greatly appreciated
    thank you kindly.
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