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Hi All

I've come to ask for your help.

Long story short, I bought an used Mazda CX-5 2017 S Grand Tour at the beginning of this year, and it has been great, everything worked. Only issue I started to detect later was that the Touchscreen was being weird after the car was being left in the sun for too long (later found out they call it ghost touch) but hasn't been a big issue.

Switch to 1 week ago, I decided to take the car to Mazda for a general checkup and I mentioned them to check this issue. They say "ok np will check".
1 hour later I get a call informing that they will need to update the SW, I say OK sure, cost is 50 bucks, I say.. ok sure ... 1 hour later I receive another call, informing me that during the SW upgrade there was an error on the CMU so no possible for the update. They say no charge for the 50 bucks. I reply asking " Ok but the Touchscreen is still working, right?" I get a "uh... let me confirm ... and I'll get back to you".
They didn't call me back until 1 Hour later when they informed me the car is ready and I need to pick it up.
When I arrive the greet me with the surprise that the touchscreen no longer works or turns on.

I'm still fighting with the dealership to fix this since I delivered the car with all the audio and infotainment system working, and now they have broken the screen without any function.
The dealership refuses to offer any help other than exchange the CMU with is around USD 1,000.00
This is NOT in USA.

I will have a meeting again on Saturday but I'm starting to think they will not do anything other than offer me a whimsy discount over the new CMU.
I have checked your forums and giving the state of my screen I think they have bricked my CMU while trying to update the software.
I have seen the Bricking CMU fix from this forum and I'm willing to give it a try. Just have a couple of questions.

I need to find the failsafe file for the program as well as have a backup for my firmware of the car.
Since most of the tutorials are several years old, I have a hard time finding some information of where to find these files, can you help me into looking for this info?

When I started having the ghost touch issue, I took a picture of the software version that was installed on the truck and here it is. Hoping its of any use.

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Sorry for some of the synthesis errors of my post, English is not my first language.

Thanks a lot for your time and best regards

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Hi again
Thanks for your response.
I will ask the dealership to let me know exactly how they tried to update de software. As to know which version they had and let me know which error was shown during the update. And I will let you know.

The dealer IS a mazda dealer. They claim it was an electronic error who was present before (when they called me to authorize the update and charge for this, they told me there was an error on the CMU, that us why they need to update the SW) and cannot be know for how long the car has had this error.
It's all bullshit, this is why I went directly to a mazda dealer, supposedly they know how to fix their own cars...now they left the car in worse conditions that was delivered and don't want to take responsibility for this... but unfortunately this is how most things work here...

I will try to find and contact the higher ups, so they give me a solution.

Also I will keep searching online for the backup software copies in any case.
If I decide to keep going on the brick fix I'll update this post again.

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