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sorry to hear "this story". You need the NA-Firmware (North-America), because you life in Mexico?

Just get some information from your dealer:
From the "Update-Route" starting with your firmware-version 55..... it is nessary first to update to firmware-version No. 59... or 70.00.100A. After that it is possible to update to 70.00.3... or the newest 74.....

I dont know, what happend if they try to update dircetly from your 55.... to 74.... Maybe that is the problem.

So, just ask them witch version they tried to install. Just get the version-number and maybe you can "read between the lines" if they try to run the update-route with the inbetween firmware-update. Try to get this information writen (like Email, Messanger etc). Your Car-Dealer is a Mazda-Dealer?

Bye from Germany
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