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The installation success report.
AIO 1.46 & 1.47b

CMU_SW_VER = 56.00.220-JP M

Tweaks Master Bundle
-enable the touchscreen while moving
-turn on wi-fi
-change the background image
-remove the safety warning label from the reverse camera
-remove the blank album art frame

Speedo-Compass-Video Tweak v4.2

Date to statusbar v1.0

Pause on mute

Improved list loop

Main menu loop

No more disclaimer

Track ordering and FLAC support

Change order of the audio source list

Open JCI test console

Bigger album art tweak

Video player is not installed because it is unnecessary for me.
(Other things not listed are those that can not be used in Japan or have not installed. I did not also install Android tools because I have no Android.)

Thanks for the useful tool!
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