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2014 Mazda 3 2.0L 6MT whine noise

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I'm experiencing a whine/whir noise in my car and the dealership said it's just from my winter tires, but i'm fairly certain that's not the case. Can anyone else with a 2014-2017 Mazda 3 6MT let me know if their car exhibits the same noise? If no one else has this problem, i'll try a different dealership.

With windows closed and radio/fan off (make cabin as quiet as possible), get to about 75-80 KM/H in 6th gear, then let off the gas and coast, listening for a whining noise. The whine should gradually get more faint as your speed decreases. If you notice the whine, then push in the clutch or shift into neutral and see if the whining stops.

My car exhibits this whining noise at different speeds in different gears, during coasting and light acceleration (harder acceleration and engine noise overpowers the whine). I'm not sure if this is normal for these cars, or if there may be an issue with my transmission. My previous fully bolted Mazdaspeed 6 was so loud i could hardly hear an ambulance, let alone a faint gear whine.
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most transmissions make some noise, however when you go from a car thats very noisy in the cabin to a car thats engineered very quiet you can notice these small noises more, i have a 2014 sport nav diesel with the 6 speed manual transmission and it has a very slight whine, tbh i never noticed it until i read this thread and took it out for a drive but with the fan and stereo on you cant hear it unless you have super hearing.
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