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I have a Yakima Control Tower / Landing pad round bar setup off of my 16 hatch. This will work on either the sedan or hatch if you add the rain rails with covers to allow access to the mounting bolt holes. Pads were always placed on a clean car with a sealant applied and never set on the ground. They did not leave any trace on the car when removing it.

Includes four landing pads, four control towers and 48" crossbars. Shipping on the bars can be expensive depending on how far you are from Dallas, so I can quote you prices for with or without the cross bars. Towers will include four matching Yakima lock cores. I have a couple of extra Yakima end plugs for the crossbars, as well as the four already on them. There's a little splitting in the black covering on the ends of the bars, but they're still fully covered with no rust.

I also have two orange Rocky Mount Pitchfork qr bike trays, with the newer, disc brake friendly heads. These include two matching Rockymounts lock cores. You can run Yakima cores and even get them to match the tower lock cores if you'd prefer one key for the whole setup. I also have two of the old style Yakima wheel forks, one with the plastic tire grabber, one without. They don't work with 29er tires, and I can't locate the one I removed.

I do have a 44" Yakima fairing, but it has a fair amount of stickers currently on it, but I also have a gallon jug of 3M Adhesive remover if you'd like it and prefer a clean appearance. Some effort to remove everything but the Yakima lettering could probably be expended, but I can't promise any degree of success there.

Price for the towers, pads, cross bars and lock cores is $200. Take $30 off if you don't want to deal with shipping the crossbars, for $170.
Price for trays is $120 for both including lock cores.
Price for wheel carriers is $30.
Price for the fairing is free if you buy something above.

Buy all of the above and I'll sell it for $300 and throw in my spare wiper set for a 14+ 5 door, including the rear. Pics of any and all available.

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