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Yakima round bar, bike trays and a sunscreen

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I've got some stuff in the garage from my 2016 S GT 5 door that was totaled a few months ago. Would be happy to sell the base rack or complete setup. This was installed on the car for the majority of the two years I had it, but was pulled for car washes and was always on a sealed and waxed car, the feet look brand new and didn't mark the car at all.

Rack includes the following:
Yakima 48" round bars
Yakima Landing Pads
Yakima Control Towers
Yakima Lock Cores (4 matching Yakima cores with key and blank key for removing cores)
Rocky Mount Pitchfork trays (2 with 4 matching RM cores and key, one for each skewer and the head)
Yakima Wheel Forks (2, one with the wheel stopper and one without, 29er tires apparently demolish these things)
Yakima Fairing (40" with a bunch of stickers, would be happy to remove them if you'd prefer)

Asking $300 for the whole setup or $200 for the base rack and crossbars.

Also have an unopened Snowflake White Pearl Paint pen, an extra change tray and the SkyActiv badge I'd pulled off of the car. Will happily throw any or all of those in with the rack if you'd like them.

I have a full set of three unopened wipers for the five door, the whole assembly, not just blades. $20 for all three, or if you buy the whole rack and want these, I'll throw them in too.

Finally I have an unused CoverCraft UVS100 sunscreen. I'd ordered it before the car was totaled but received it the same day, so it's unopened and unused. I didn't return it because I was debating getting another Mazda3. I have one now in my current car and it's a great, sturdy thing that keeps the heat out wonderfully. Will sell for $30. This guy, in the normal silver:

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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