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Anyone So Cal members interested in swapping their stock OEM resonated cat back Genpu mazdaspeed 3 exhaust for a resonator deleted and big tip catback OEM?

This is a stock OEM GenPu Mazdaspeed 3 cat back exhaust that has had the resonator deleted and tips replaced. No added performance. Just amazing sound and looks!

I acquired this cat back exhaust from @Leets

He took the pics and they are the only pics that I have of the Mid Pipe and the Muffler off of the car for proof that I have it and that its in fact mine.

(Admins: Would this post and pics suffice? I am not looking to sell, or make money. Just a trade. Leets can attest to the trade that I had with him.)

Acquisition Link: http://mazda3revolution.com/forums/m3r-rides-meets-pics/28674-redtapes-build-thread-2.html#post427298

Acquisition Link: http://mazda3revolution.com/forums/m3r-rides-meets-pics/28674-redtapes-build-thread-12.html#post496330

I have tons of pics of the muffler with tips on my car.

Sound Clip of my car with the resonator delete. Before I got the muffler with nice tips.

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