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I'm looking for a factory exhaust system (first cat back) from a 12' or 13' Mazda 3 SkyActiv Sedan. Why would I want a stock exhaust? Well, about two years ago I installed a Corksport exhaust on my 3 and left the stock exhaust with my landlord. I moved out and asked if I could keep the exhaust in his shed due my new place not having a garage or any room. Shortly after I find out he ended up trashing it and moving to Thailand.

I have the CorkSport exhaust on their now, but it cracked at the weld right past the resonator, which seems to be a common problem. Getting that fixed is on my to-do list, but I plan on selling my 3 and would rather sell it as close to stock as possible.

Local junkyards in the Denver area haven't been any help, so I decided to see if anyone here has a stock setup. If you're in Colorado, awesome, if not we can try to work something out. Thanks.
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