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In many modern homes, teak flooring is extremely common, it is a high-end flooring products, of course, the use of time is too long, but also in need of renovation, then how teak floor renovation? In our teak flooring installation time ,composite decking what precautions do? First, how to teak floor renovation. 1, how to teak floor renovation? First we want to polish the floor, which is the first step teak floor renovation, the use of large-scale renovation of the floor sanding machine several times to remove the paint, polish the surface of 1-2 mm. Note 40 mesh, 80 mesh and 120 mesh sand paper of different thicknesses three successive grinding, mesh, the smaller the particle sandpaper, sanding scratches left more obvious, ensure that the surface is polished smooth and delicate.
2, polished teak floors, finished on the polished wood floor scratch putty should be subject to putty leveling floors, with floor paint transparent primer supporting a special putty, scraping the floor to be dry buffed. 3, paint brush, color processing. How refurbished teak flooring, putty and then the floor after Brush primer or color processing. Since the wood surface textures are natural, not change color, the floor can only adjust the color depth. 4, teak floor renovation,outdoor decking painted paint primer dries, then water again after grinding sandpaper carefully dried, the floor surface somewhat rough grinding to remove fines from the second level of the paint brush.
5. After the paint dry, with professional waxing equipment, the floor marked with floor wax polish can be. Second, teak flooring installation considerations. 1, the ground is flat, although there are many teak flooring installation methods, but regardless of which method to use, or not to be noticed flat ground. If the floor is not flat, finished laying the floor after stepping on it will send a squeaky voice, but also wear flooring material. 2 accessories keel dried or not,outdoor fence if there is no optional accessories keel dried wood material, they also increase the inherent moisture of solid wood flooring, which appeared in the floor surface projection, layers of paint cracking phenomenon. 3, moderate tightness best when teak flooring installation requires careful not to put wood floor mosaic of relatively dense, solid wood flooring squeezed are deformed due to the existence of water molecules in the air, the air humidity is too large to be absorbed into the floor water will expand later, installed too close, there is no gap between the floor and the floor, the floor will be expanded after the arched surface.
And too loose, there is a sense of shaking the floor. Will enter the gap between the dirt, do not use cleaning and maintenance. Above is how to teak floor renovation, teak flooring installation considerations relevant answers,porch floor in the teak floor renovation, be sure to follow the relevant steps to protect the teak floor is not damaged.
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