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wood dash kits anyone?

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I am planning on adding a wood dash kit. I know there is a fine line between looking luxurious/sophisticated and cheap/tacky so I was hoping to get some input before I choose brand and wood type. I have a 2015 grand touring hatchback with all black interior. The dash kits tend to have a ton of pieces I doubt I'll use, I'm thinking just replace all the piano black trim which I think could look quite stylish. I like the look of rosewood, blackwood, or possibly a birsdeye maple though that may be to light.

brands I'm looking at are remin and B&I

I haven't been able to find any pictures of kits specifically in Mazda 3's though besides one small one from the B&I website.

Anyone put one in their mazda? experience with either of these brands? recommendations for another brand?

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OK, as promised.... Kit arrived, kit installed. This was the Remin kit from CarID, but from what I can tell B&I kit would be identical. I was able to put in a custom order for just the pieces I wanted from their full kit (about 15-16 out of 61).

I'm pleased with the result. It accomplishes what I was going for. I've included a couple of exterior pics too so you can see the overall esthetic. You can spot a few of the other subtle cosmetic mods inside and out too.

What do you think? All that remains on my to-do list is window tint and probably add the chrome trim around the top of the windows to complete it.
Looks really good. i was skeptical but really makes those parts POP
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