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I'm getting rid of my "auto-dimming" rear view mirror. One of the most ridiculous applications of technology ever thought of, and this one doesn't even work well. Back to the old "flip the lever" style for me: they work very well, and pretty much never fail.

So, since I will soon have an unused power cord dangling in the middle of my windshield, I am wondering about using it as a power source for my radar detector and dash cam (no one should drive without them!). Since it only powers on when the car is running, there should be no problems with these accessories accidentally draining the battery (right now, I physically turn them on and off when entering and leaving the vehicle - I usually remember to do it). And I could get rid of that pair of wires that run behind the visor, above the roof handle, behind the passenger seat, and into the center console (not too noticeable, but it would be nice to get rid them).

If the power needs are met, this could be SWEET. I'm picturing getting a female rear view mirror plug, and wiring in the leads from the radar and camera, then just a quick *click* and we're in business! Plus, freeing up that SINGLE power plug in the console for something else, if needed.

So has anyone tried this yet? Anyone who knows about the 2016 Mazda 3 electrical system (the "basic" auto dim mirror)? Different fuse once new items are connected?

I would love to just purchase a kit to do this, is there any such thing (I'm no DIY whiz, plenty others out there know more than me)?

Good idea, or bad?
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