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Windshield Crack

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Hey guys
Need some advice about the following issue:
unfortunately I have a crack on my windshield. I have a 2022 Mazda 3 Model. my insurance policy covering this issue with a Genuine Mazda Part. So far So good :) My Concern is regarding the Repair Shop that would do the repair...
the Auto shop is registered as one of many that are working under my insurance for such repairs.
First of all, How should I ensure that I am getting the Genuine part and not a replacement? I know that there is a Mazda sticker on the bottom left of the windshield, is there anything else that I should pay attention to?
Also, is there any risk to the sensors on the upper part of the windshield that may not function properly after the installation? this is what I am the most afraid of...
I will be glad to hear if any of you dealed with such issue, and off coarse any suggestions for this matter will be highly appreciated
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Thanks a lot in advance
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Thanks man. Didn't know about the recalibration.
Who is in in charge of that? the same autoshop that doing the glass repair or I need to go back to my authorizes dealers garage?
The glass repair shop do it. They have the gear to do it
Well, apparently not. I went to the glass repair shop, just to sniff around :rolleyes:
they said that after installation of the new windshield, everything should work fine, no calibration needed. and if after all something is not functioning correctly (usually indication lamp lid) I should go to the authorized garage for computer calibration.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts