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Looks like a very standard 2 wire automotive connector. It's likely for a feature that your particular car doesn't have.

First thing, I'd check that all your features and equipment works right, maybe came loose and should be plugged in somewhere.

It's very normal to have unused connectors like this. Usually a manufacturer will have one assembly line for all the wiring harnesses for a particular model. It's actually cheaper for them to wire the car for just about everything and simply not use some wires if the feature is not installed. This also eliminates the costly error of using the wrong harness.

My old car, a/c was optional. I got it used and didn't have it. When you looked under the hood, the connector and wires were still there. Same with abs, that was another option I didn't have.

If everything works right I wouldn't worry about it. It probably should have been tucked up with the rest of the wires. Very minor fit and finish issue likely.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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