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Which floormats?

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Just picked up a 2017 hatch a week ago in Soul Red. In my other car I have the Findway mats. But my other car is a garage queen and really won't see snow. The Findways are nice but they don't come up as high, at least on my other car (not a 3), as I would like if I had tons of snow on my feet. Findways do have the advantage of soaking up the snow and rain unlike rubber mats and do look better.

Anyways can someone send pics for comparison between the Weathertech, Husky and 3dMaxpider? I want something that cover the entry carpet area. All the way like to the side sill on the doors. I know Weathertechs don't totally cover the deadpedal.
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The Findways are not the same as the Canada OEM liners / 3D Maxpider. The 3D Maxpider and OEM are the same material, just a slightly different colour - and as mentioned the OEM come embossed with the Mazda logo. The Maxpider are just plain black and OEM are more of a charcoal / grey.

I have the OEM front liners in my car and the Maxpider in the rear (bought fronts second hand cheap, rears new because cheaper than OEM).

The Findway mats are more of a reinforced, carpeted texture type of mat.

I personally like the look and feel of the Canada OEM / Maxpider mats the most. They offer added protection without sliding around and don't look like a giant slab of rubber on your floor like the Weathertechs do. They're also padded / more comfortable under your feet than the Weathertechs, overall more luxurious whereas the Weathertechs are more utilitarian.

I don't have personal experience with the Findways so can't comment on how they are day to day. I went right back to OEM / Maxpider in my car after experimenting with them in my wifes car 3 years ago and being extremely happy with them.
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Does anyone know if the bottom of the Canadian OEM mats are just like the Maxpider ones? Has anyone been able to locate a set of the Canadian OEMs? The Mazda Shop is the only place I found that will ship to the US, but they are out of stock.
They are identical in every way other than the color and the Mazda logo / grooved pattern being embossed in it.

The texture on the mats is not an issue for cleaning.
They have the same velcro-y backing as well?
Sorry been away since last week. Yes, the velcro-ish non/slip backing is the same. Matt texture and finish is the same. Just no Mazda embossing in the mat and the color is different.

In my experience the embossing isn't terribly effective at channeling water anyways - it's too shallow. More for looks than anything - I'm perfectly happy with the non-embossed Maxpider in my wife's car and the back of my car.
Google search ARIES floormats. I can attest to the fact that these are exceptionally good floormats, and definitely better than Weathertech option here in North America. They have a 3 layer construction, the top layer for your foot is a textured rubbery material that almost blends in with the carpet. The bottom is hard to describe but is kind of like really tall astro-turf- once you set it on the carpet, it grips and doesn't let go. It's actually so grippy it can be a bit difficult to reposition. The floormat is also extremely thin and flexible, and coverage is pretty good (covers the dead pedal and much of the sides). They also fit perfectly, as they snap over the floor anchors like the OEM floormats.

I have nothing but good things to say about it and would highly recommend it over weathertech or OEM floormats.

Pics on imgur:

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Aries are the same as the Maxpider - just a different badge on them. I'd be surprised if they all didn't come out of the same factory (along side the Canada OEM ones) :)

I had no idea the "premium" liners were a Canada only thing. I wonder how the heck that happened.
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