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Which floormats?

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Just picked up a 2017 hatch a week ago in Soul Red. In my other car I have the Findway mats. But my other car is a garage queen and really won't see snow. The Findways are nice but they don't come up as high, at least on my other car (not a 3), as I would like if I had tons of snow on my feet. Findways do have the advantage of soaking up the snow and rain unlike rubber mats and do look better.

Anyways can someone send pics for comparison between the Weathertech, Husky and 3dMaxpider? I want something that cover the entry carpet area. All the way like to the side sill on the doors. I know Weathertechs don't totally cover the deadpedal.
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I've got the Canadian OEM version of the Max Spiders and they are great mats... Been in my car for 3 years / winters and 90K and still look and protect great. Cleaning them I just scrub with brush (outside) or pressure wash them. All the protection of Weathertechs but much better looking and less slippery on the feet :)

Here's a pic of mine and yeah I mounted the deal pedal to the mat which is great instead of hidden below it :)


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They have the same velcro-y backing as well?
Pretty sure they're identical... it's not velcro but antiskid... doesn't move around at all
Aries are the same as the Maxpider - just a different badge on them. I'd be surprised if they all didn't come out of the same factory (along side the Canada OEM ones) :)

I had no idea the "premium" liners were a Canada only thing. I wonder how the heck that happened.
Looks like uguard is main source for the Spider3d's and they're in Canada... Costco.ca is also selling 3D MAXpider Car Mats
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