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Where to buy HID housing with afs

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Anyone know where I can get a passenger headlight housing for a 2011 GT hatch with the bi xenon no running lights with auto aim and afs? dealer wants a fortune (obviously) and not many places have them, I am leery of refurb (long story with this car so far, we can delve into that later if needed/wanted) but the gist is passenger assembly has been replaced with a "used" one and both old and new "used passenger side ones get condensation on the lens when I hand wash my car or drive in the rain I have tried sealing up everything on the new "used" 1 to no avail, flowable clear silicone all around where clear and black plastic meet black around ballast and lots of it, yet it still does it, and I need it fixed before it kills $500 of HID electrics again :\ I just need one that does not leak water!
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OEM bi-xenon headlights comes only with AFS so it's not gonna be cheap by any means. I've seen it pop up from ebay from time to time but not often so check there.
yeah, ebay sucks for this car so does amazon so no beuno there. I understand it is expensive but I can do all the labor myself, headlights are easier than snot on these cars. my main concern is getting one that does not get condensation/water inside and mess up the Ballast in the process, which is the issue I am fighting now with a "used" oe one from a mazda dealership the original oe one did the same exact thing, so does not exactly inspire confidence the new oe ones are any better or even a reconditioned used one or aftermarket new, however I need to do something as a $700 assembly beats new $300 ballast every few months when it finally get too much water in it and fails I have found one at a mazda dealer online brand new $724 shipping tax everything included or reconditioned from rockauto 1 yr warranty is $610 shipped im kinda leery of used or reconditioned ones now though so I am thinking the better option is new one
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