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Hi everyone, I just took delivery of a new 2017 2.5 touring manual 5 door. So far I love it, but it’s a commuter (100 miles/day) and the roads around here are pretty rough mountain driving. I’m not in love with the factory 18” wheel/tire combination, noisy and a little rough, and they look ordinary. I’m concerned that they probably aren’t the best for my driving so I’m looking for suggestions. I don’t want to sacrifice all performance but I am thinking about going down to a 17” wheel and a tire that has more sidewall but still performance oriented but maybe I should be looking at 16" wheels. Has anyone been in my situation that has an opinion to share?

Here are my objectives:
Wheel size that will allow for lower cost tire replacement
Reduced overall weight of wheel/tire combination (from what I’ve read my 18” wheels and dunlops are north of 50lbs).
Increased sidewall for comfort/safety on bad roads
Reduce road noise
Increase comfort/control on bad roads (lower wheel weight, greater sidewall but still a UHP tire)
Wheels at or around $200 each
Improved appearance-I like the idea of a slightly larger tire to fill out the wheel well, is this wrong?
Maintain or improve fuel economy (lighter combined wheel weight?)

I’ve been thinking of 215/55r17 tire size, anyone running that size on their 3? Any reason to look elsewhere?

Wheels I’ve seen that look reasonable priced and lighter weight. I really like the look of some of the traklite wheels but I don’t know anything about them.

Motegi Traklite MR131 14.5 lbs, $129
Kosei K4R 17x8 14.8lbs $169
Kosei K4R 17x7 14lbs $199
Konig Hypergram 17x8 16.3lbs $149
Traklite Gear 17x7.5 15.5lbs $180
Traklite Clutch 17x7.5 19lbs $145
Traklite Trak-k 17x7.5 18.5lbs $130

The research I’ve done has me leaning to either P ZERO ALL SEASON PLUS or Michelin Pilot Sport AS 3 tires but again, I'm open to suggestions.

I know this is a long and rambling first post but I appreciate any feedback!
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