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Just curious what all yall are runnin 1/4 1/8 it dont matter. Your car can be stock or it can be modded with 1320535whp.

2007 2.3 sport MTX

My best:
reaction- .36 sec
1/8 - 10.49

(newb shifter and all stock :()

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^^ cause its fun, who cars what ur time is, just have fun draggin.. hell i dragged when i was NA and got times of 16-17 (lots and lots of wheel spin and bad launches lol..), several times too... never once tracked after the turbo, i just assume high 13's

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My best reaction time is .031
My best 60' is 2.21
My best 1/8 mile ET is 9.361 @ 79.27
My best 1/8 mile Trap is 9.494 @ 80.45
My best 1/4 mile ET is 14.194 @ 102.16
My best 1/4 mile Trap is 14.244 @ 104.19

Unfortunately, the run that I had my best 60', I missed 3rd gear. I'm really looking forward to warmer weather where there will be better traction, because all 8 of the runs that I have done in my car were below 45 degrees outside.

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Best time
13.9 at 101
highest speed
14.1 at 103

It was in the low 40s
Hoosier drag radials kept spinnin

I need to learn how to launch

Current mods
SU rear MM
Cobb catted downpipe
HKS catback
Accessport 93 oct stage 2 map
Swiss cheese stock airbox wit stock filter
Hoosier 225 drag radials

Just ordered
SU side mounts( was told that the stock ones will snap wit the drags)
Cobb sri

here is a from one of the people i raced
it was my second run of the night, and yes he had a supercharged G8

Will have more videos up when i find my cable for my camera

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well here the deadly TC that i have:

R/T..... .419

Injen CAI
HKS HI-Power Axle Back Exhaust

forgot we were going to the track so i wind up racing with 3/4 of a tank......

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I raced mine tonight:

My Best time was a 17.104
Best reaction time was .801
Best trap speed was 81 mph.

But being in El Paso times are not what they should be. My Turbo supra gets low 15s here, if I were to take her east coast at sea lvl she would get low 14s. In case anybody was wondering what the Altitude was, I'm at 4500 ft above sea lvl. :mellow 1:

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I ran a 16.3 quarter mile in my wifes 2011 mazda 3 with the 2.5L and it is an automatic didn't think that was too awful bad considering my little brothers 2006 focus zx4 with the 2.3L durcatec that has an intake, throttle body, header, full exhaust, and a tune ran a 15.7 and its a 5 speed

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i never ran mine, i dont see the point to waste 35 bucks to see how my stock car runs 15's on the track lol
Actually running your car stock on the track will benefit in many ways. 1) To see if your driving is up to par 2) To get a baseline to compare against future mods (combined with dyno runs).

I did that for my Mz3 sedan and glad I did. I've finallybegun power/speed modifications and will be able to tell which ones helped and which ones didn't. When you guys post your times, at the minimum can you include your:

-quarter mile time
-trap speed (mph)
-emissions version (Federal/non PZEV or California/PZEV)

Include any other details if you'd like. I'm especially interested in bone stock 2.5L sedans or hatchbacks with the 6-speed manual transmission.
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