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What shocks for lowered vehicle?

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Hello all

If my BM Mazda3 is lowered by about 35mm and I wanted to get new shocks/struts, what would be the best to get?

Springs are King Springs (Australian brand, I think?)
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Actually to answer more accurately the question asked...because you are lowering a vehicle out of design at or about 1 inch it would be recommended to contact the manufactures of the dampeners you are considering and ask their recommendation regarding application. Here is why. Each dampeners is design to operate at a position starting in the neutral compressed position generally vehicle specific. When you lower a car you compress the dampener and the valving inside relating to the pistons and other components in the dampener may react differently then it was appreciated intended for. Just because hundreds of users say they have a brand "X" on their lowered ride does not necessary mean it was the best or appropriate choice modifying from a stock specified ride height. Don't be surprised as to how many dampener manufactures will not have recommendation for their product with lowered vehicles.
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