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What Kind of Lubricant for Door Handles?

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So I can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere. What kind of lubricant is used to lube the travels on the car door handles?

When I first got the car years ago, pulling on the handle was smooth and graceful. Now it is stiff and rough. It is like it has to break some surface tension before it finally gives and then that results in yanking it until it reaches its maximum pull. Pulling the handle shows some sort of yellow pasty substance. It looks dry but upon the touch, it is greasy. I asked the dealership if they could look into it for me because they say they lube moving parts on services. When I heard back from my service rep, he said that the dealership has no involvement in lubricating the doors. 'The car comes like that from the factory but the technicians have nothing for it here but really any kind will do.'

As I don't believe in a miracle substance, simply looking up different types of lubricants will yield that each kind has a different purpose. It's hard to tell, but it looks like the handle pulls are plastic but I would believe they are metal.

I was just wondering if anyone had any insight on with what and how to treat these handles.



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Looks like white lithium grease. It comes in a spray can available at most any parts store or WalMart and many other places.
This stuff works good but tends to hold dirt and dust if not maintained. When contaminated in this manner it turns to a sticky glue like substance. Soak it with WD-40 to loosen and remove as much as you can, then re-apply the lithium grease.
their technicians couldn't identify it and didn't have anything to lubricate with
If the "techs" could not even identify something as simple as the white lithium grease:surprise: that is used on many of the moving parts in the car, you have to wonder just what else they aren't capable of doing. I would be having a word with the management and finding a new service department that actually knows how to service a car........
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They are all pretty much the same. Use the red spray tube on the nozzle and don't press it so hard. Just a quick squirt is all you need.
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