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What kind of handling numbers: RM's, yellows, rear sway, sticky summer tires?

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What kind of handling numbers would I be looking at with 18x7.5 wheels, 225/40R18 Pilot Super Sports, Koni Yellows, Road Magnet 1.25" springs and a rear sway bar?

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Too hard to say, because someone would have to upgrade to those exact parts (not likely) and then do testing (even more unlikely).
Plus you'd have to take into account any combination of surface and weather/temp differences. Test a car on a 50 degree day on asphalt, then try testing the same car on a 85 degree day on concrete. It won't even look like the same car on paper. Then you have tire pressures, amount of tire wear on the tires, shock settings, sway bar settings...the list goes on and on. Sooo many variables. Like you said, too hard to say.
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I'm not saying testing in general is "useless." I'm saying testing is useless if you don't keep variables constant ;)
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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