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What do you use for cleaning steering wheel and dashboard

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i was wondering how to clean steering wheel and dashboard.
are those part real leather?
where i live summers can be very hot, i mean very hot...like 38 degree celsius for 3 months

so i m thinking in buying sonax leather cleaner & conditioner lotion (pictures below) (SONAX Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Lotion 250ml - Sonax Singapore )

is this good for dashboard leather parts, and is it good to clean stearing wheel with it (not gonna be greasy, and will help wheel stay healthy?)??
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yup, they're leather - if you have that option. all the plastic i use windex just because there's always some in the house. the leather parts i first use a leather cleaner and then a leather conditioner similar to what you've posted.
I use a wet / moist clean micro fibre towel
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I agree with Joe. A warm moist towel is really all you need. I personally don't care for interior conditioners and dislike side-effects related to long-term use. Which is typically a panel that is greasy to the touch, reflects light / shine in an unnatural way and in general, negatively alter the appearance of the original part(s).
I found the same
Products that shine .. reflect light
Then there are the protectorthat made it slippy but if you dont apply correctly
leave some demarkation ...
I like to keep the dash as dull as possible
I’ve been using Meguiars quick interior detailer, leaves the surfaces still with that matte finish.
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