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Just bought a '15 s T model and i have been noticing that the rearview mirror (standard kind with lever for nighttime, not autodimmer) doesnt present a good reflection

its hard to notice staring right at it but if you shift your head a little to the left or right you notice the image is larger in some spots and smaller in others, like the surface of the mirror is wavy and convex in some spots and concave in others

if you flip the lever to put it into night mode the effect is magnified like 10 times and its kinda bizarre seeing a cars headlights get huge and then shifting your head slightly, like readjusting in ur seat or looking over your shoulder

then seeing the same car suddenly appear further back / lights much smaller looking

I took it to the dealer and the guy saw what i was talking about right away but hadnt seen it before and was wondering if any other mazdas were like that

he grabbed the keys to a '16 cx-3 which appeared to have the same mirror and the effect was even worse in that car

they told me they are going to look into this with their mazda rep and see what should be done, they were guessing they could replace the mirror but this is the first time they have seen this apparently

anyone else run into this? i didnt see any results about this with a quick forum search
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