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wanting to lower my 05mazda3

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i just joined the site so im new here. but i was wondering if anyone could help me with some info on what i have to do to properly lower my car. i have an '05 mazda3 2.3liter hatchback. any info on part and or where i can get them would be greatly appreciated! thank you!
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Foompla to the rescue! Welcome to the forums
depends on how low you wanna go? do you just want springs or u wanna get the whole suspension works with coilovers?
wassup playa. where you from? I lowered my girls car in an afternoon, I could easly arrainged to have yours lowered as well :D
Hey Foompla I'm just wondering how much would it cost to lower a 3?
It would be free if you knew how to do it for yourself... If your looking for springs there usually around $200 and for the install it depends on where you're getting them put on
foomplas girl here... heres some pics of springs and how much lower it is now..


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btw i went with Tein s-techs that i got off a friend who got coil overs
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