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I started a thread about this back in July 2018, unfortunately it did not yield any results.

I have the standard (dealer installed) backup camera and am very pleased with it however, it is only on when in reverse gear. Ideally, I would like it to stay on longer so that when parking I can look behind when moving forward. It would be great if it stayed on for 5 to 10 seconds after leaving reverse and/or until moving forward at say 5 kph.

An alternative would of course be to be able to turn it on and off without needing to be in reverse, in fact in some situations this might be better.

Now in a review of the new Mazda 6 I see that they have introduced a new switch (as part of the switch cluster containing the traction control, i-Stop etc) to indeed turn on the backup camera at any time.
Does anybody know if it is possibly to add this function to a 2014 Mazda 3?

If I understand correctly the switches in the cluster are connected to the CPU and each gives a different resistance when pushed to trigger the function. This makes me wonder if a push button switch with the correct resistance might do the trick, any ideas?

The switch I referred to is the one in your post. Do you have the switch? Can you measure the resistance when no buttons are pressed and when each of the function buttons are pressed?
A schematic of the switch cluster is as below:


What is the schema of the switch in your photo's?

Thanks for any help,


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I dont have the switch. About the valute of resistor Need the service manual ( I think Is necessary other device.. not only the button) check the value of resistance in other Mazda with full buttons ( 6 button), are possibile various solutions of accessories and buttons. In my M3 I have front camera ( home made) with remote switch... You put a switch in parallelo of gearbox switch. The car think to activate the rear camera but I with various reley I activate the front camera...
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