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Mazda 2018 Fw 55.

My previous videoplayer was 3.3 (AIO 2.7.9) and it only took 2-3 seconds to start playing the video.
After that i installled videoplayer 3.7 (AIO 2.8.4) and it takes 8-10 seconds to start the video now . The storage remained the same , checked for corruptions and all is good. Normally i dont upgrade software which work OK but the reason i installed 3.7 is because it has the resume function .
did anyone else notice such delay ?

i then uninstalled AIO 2.8.4 and installed 2.7.8 , prepared the USB stick with the old videoplayer 3.3 and afte installation on the mazda none of the added applications worked. is there another way to install the older videoplayer ?

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