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Besides the Audioquest USB Jitterbug that improved on the sound clarity and bass quality, I decided to try my existing Vibrapods that were used for isolation on my home sound system as I upgraded to another type of isolation device. I have the Model 1 that has a recommended weight range of 2-3 pounds per isolator and thought not to put it to waste, so I was thinking, hmmmm ...how'd it sound under my JL Audio box (previously mentioned in another of my post) that faces towards the rear of the car ?

Well, the three i installed (each end and one in the middle) freakin' improved on my existing Bose/JL sub system... the clarity got even better ! the bass got deeper and the bass note lingered just a little longer !

Where I used to play my sound system at 30/31 on the control knob, I put it up to 36/37 (and with the remote bass control knob put all the way to the end on my JL Audio microsub+ box), AND I had to adjust the fade control because it brought the sound even more to the front dash, so I set it one step back on the fade.

This product is worth 5 stars to me, and will not break the bank...it's like $24 for a set of 4...

I'm going to buy the Model 2 (as it is more of a proper fit in its weight range of 4-8 # each) !

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