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Hello everyone,
I am very new here, and a not so proud owner of a Mazda 3 1.6 diesel with turbo, year 2006.
To start off, I have had lots of problem with this car. When I bought it back in October, it seemed fine, but soon the problems started.
I have had several oil leaks repaired. I have also changed a lot of parts, including : brand new turbo, brand new scoffing filter, air hose pipe, injector heads, dx heads etc.
After all this services, and now the car feels very slow. Generally it will respond with a delay to the gas pedal, and will take some more than usual needed time to accelerate.
The problem is that after I accelerate, for example to : 120 km/h and above, if I keep cruising in that speed and then after an hour or so I have got to stop, the car becomes very sluggish, and when I try to reaccelerate from idle back to 120km/h, the car will feel like it is not getting enough air, and will blow black gas from the exhaust pipe.
There is no check engine light, and driving in traffic will not exhibit black gas from exhaust.
Only after driving at high speeds, then stopping, as soon as I try to get back on the road, the car will feel very sluggish, and will blow black gas as I try to accelerate.
Also I have noticed the car loosing RPM driving upwards a hill, even why I am flooring the gas pedal.
I welcome any kind of help, as several mechanics have said several different things.
I do not really know what to believe.

Thank you for reading through.
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