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(Background info not necessarily important - you can skip this paragraph)
So I've installed a bunch of tweaks using the AIO tweaks windows program, including Android Auto v1.02, the AIO tweaks app as well as the id7_recovery pack. As anyone who has installed Android Auto should be aware, the bluetooth calls feature of the car is bugged and doesn't work when the AA is installed, regardless of whether it is opened or not as it runs constantly in the background. Trezdog44 mentioned a bit ago that he was working on a solution that involved killing the Android Auto process when an incoming call was detected, to stop Android Auto and the mazda system conflicting with bluetooth calls. In the meantime, my main problem is the inability to answer calls when using the infotainment system without Android Auto being open onscreen - as I have other family members who use the car who don't use Android Auto and now can't use the bluetooth calls feature. Using the All-in-one tweaks app on the infotainment system to kill the Android Auto process fixes this, however having to open and do this manually every time I plan to drive without using AA is a bit of an inconvenience.

My idea/plan is to have a usb that I keep plugged in the car where the run.sh script that gets activated by the id7_recovery pack kills the Android Auto process. That way, I can toggle whether I want Android Auto to be working and running or have no Android Auto but bluetooth calls working just by changing whether I have the usb plugged in or not.

I have minimal programming experience but (I think) I found the function used to kill the Android Auto process in the all-in-one tweaks app. Problem is that code is in javascript, and I don't know enough about programming to translate it into an sh script, or program the sh script to run the javascript code.

Could anyone help with this, or provide another solution?

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