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Hello everyone,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Niels and i’m a massive Mazda fan and also a student at the University of Amsterdam. I study Communication & Multimedia Design and momentarily working on my graduation project. For this project I have chosen the subject of ‘Infotainment systems’.
I’m momentarily busy doing user research to verify my assumptions and to help me form a concept for my redesign of the MZD Connect system.

My question: For my user research, I’m looking for Mazda owners with the Infotainment System, who would like to help me by completing a questionnaire.
The questionnaire will contain a few general questions about the subject and some questions about the current Mazda infotainment system. The answers will help me to shape my concept.

Unfortunately I cannot post the link to the survey because I haven’t posted 5 or more post to be able to post this link which is quite a bummer. So i was wondering if it is allowed to PM the link to a member who can then post the link for me?
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