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Useless USB ports - how to run a clean USB cable?

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So I'm finding the front USB inputs on my 2017 Mazda 3 GS (Canada) are totally useless for charging. I've read about how they barely output anything to charge the device and is more for connecting to the infotainment system. That's fine, I will use a 12v car charger... my question is, does anyone have any examples of a clean wire installation leading from the arm rest console to the front cubby holder? My 12V plug is in the arm rest and I like to leave my phone in the front cubby where the SD card slot and USB inputs are. I don't want a wire getting in the way of my shifter or control knob, and I just want it to look clean! I don't want to rip panels out to do this either. Thanks
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That is exactly my problem.
I'm running a cable from the arm rest 12V output to the front where is my phone with navigation in it.
My idea is, to hide the cable under the middle console, and come out from the front console somewhere behind the infotainment screen.

I have read, that it shouldn't be a problem to disassemble the middle console, you just need to first unplug the cable from the battery (which resets trip and some data, not sure what exactly) and unscrew some bolts. The pieces should come out one after another easily.

But I need someone who has done this already and need some how to exactly.
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