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USB: Unknown artist/album

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My mp3s are tagged correctly and usually the USB music plays fine, but yesterday it stopped displaying album and artist. The music plays fine, but it shows "Unknown artist" and "Unknown album," although track title and album art show correctly. The previous day it was working fine. This is happening on one of my USB drives but not the second.

I tried removing the drive, formatting it, and then putting files back on to it and inserting it into the other slot. But that didn't help. The system seems to have cached the drive info and continues to show "unknown." Or is it possibly a Gracenote problem?

I think I will try putting the files on a different drive to see if it reads correctly. I may also try reinstalling Gracenote. Does anyone have other suggestions?
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I found another workaround. I pulled the thumb drive out in the middle of a song playing. I don't know if it caused the cache to be cleared or some other routine to happen but it seemed to work.

I have a 2015 and I'm on the 55 release btw.
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