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USB: Unknown artist/album

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My mp3s are tagged correctly and usually the USB music plays fine, but yesterday it stopped displaying album and artist. The music plays fine, but it shows "Unknown artist" and "Unknown album," although track title and album art show correctly. The previous day it was working fine. This is happening on one of my USB drives but not the second.

I tried removing the drive, formatting it, and then putting files back on to it and inserting it into the other slot. But that didn't help. The system seems to have cached the drive info and continues to show "unknown." Or is it possibly a Gracenote problem?

I think I will try putting the files on a different drive to see if it reads correctly. I may also try reinstalling Gracenote. Does anyone have other suggestions?
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Reinstalling Gracenote had no effect, so it seemed to be a cache issue. But I found a fix: I formatted the drive and gave it a new volume label, then put my files back on. Then the system displayed all the info correctly. It seems that changing the volume label makes the system think it's a different drive and forces it to build up a new cache/database from scratch.

I still have no idea what made it fail in the first place, but at least I have a fix.
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There was a suggestion earlier in other thread that placing music in one folder and then renaming it - also helps.
Thanks. I may try that if it happens again. For now renaming the drive seems to be good.

Now that I think about it, maybe renaming the drive without formatting would work too. Just another way to force the system to recognize a "new" drive. Something else to try if I have the problem again.
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