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I'm trying to install aio for the first time using a usb drive on fw 55 on a Mazda 2016.

I've tried three different usb's, all formatted to fat32 but the USB1 and USB2 options are always greyed out when I plug in the drives.

I then formatted the drives again and simply put in 1 mp3 file to see if it would recognize that. It didn't.

Is there a certain program that I need to use to format the USB drive besides the native windows format utility?

Is there a specific allocation I should set when formatting the drive?

The same usb drive works fine when I plug it into my friend's usb port on her Ford and is able to play the 1 mp3 file on the drive.

The drives are all 8 gb's in size one from sandisk, one from Kingston and another with a no name brand. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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