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Hi all,

New to the forum.
Due to severe shortage of used cars here in Ireland I purchased a used JDM Demio 2016

great little car for my wife. did not realize issues with CMU at the time.

I have updated the original firmware to eu_70.00.100A ( so at least have English language now.)
Thanks to this forum and ash8 the process was seamless

However a couple of issues I would like some advise on.

after update the sat nav says
Your mazda is not equipped with a navigation system However an integrated nav system is available through your dealer.

Is it as simple as just purchasing EU SD card and popping in to reader to activate?

Secondly and most important.
Is it possible to install and Mazda EU TAU module to get local radio stations on correct frequency? (88 - 108mhz)
cant seen to locate a part number for this... any suggestions?
Where is TAU module located?

Thanks a mill

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There are reports NNG NAV card would worked for some but for others failed. Buy a discounted NAV off Ebay or Aliexpress and give it a try.
Go to Eng menu you'd access to upgrade firmware and type 85 Enter, that's your actual TAU part number, well it's at least the first 4 letters/numbers add 66-RCO and google it to find out if you have type 1 or type 2 connectors.
Yes it's possible, do your own research, they're several threads in this forum.
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