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Looks like the master cylinder is going out on my car. No complaints since it's at 165k miles. Symptoms are the brake pedal slowly drops when I'm at a stop. No signs of any fluid leaks from a caliper or other brakeline source.

Rock Auto has the following offerings:

RAYBESTOS MC391049 $59.79

BECK/ARNLEY 0729693 $65.79

CENTRIC 13045422 $75.89

CARDONE SELECT 133165 {#BPYS4340Z, BPYS4340ZA, BPYS4340ZR0B} $96.89

The AC Delco unit is no longer in stock. Each unit I've listed is Daily Driver quality, which means no "El Cheapo" stuff. Raybestos usually has quality parts, but I'm wondering if I should step up to Beck/Arnley. Considering the mileage, I'm thinking of going the preventative maintenance route and replacing the flexible hoses while I'm in there.

Anyone have any recommendations for the master cylinder?
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