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Posting here because this is where the thread is for the tweaks even though I have a 2016 Mazda 6. I'm on version 59.00.441 with a stock Samsung Note 8 on the latest version it supports.

At first I removed the AA tweak, thinking that was the issue, but after uninstalling (using Uninstall All option) in every tweak I still can't RECEIVE phone calls. When someone calls me and my phone is connected to the car's BT, it just immediately throws them into voice mail. I can tell someone is calling as the sound cuts of for like a second, but that's it. I can make a call from the car's BT just fine though.

Is the autorun/recovery script causing this issue!? I don't think I can use the Full System Restore option as I don't have the backups.

Someone please help me with this bug!

Edit 1: FIXED
It was the car. Tried receiving calls with an iPhone and a Pixel and they went straight to voicemail as well. Uninstalled all tweaks then did a factory reset on the infotainment itself. Was nervous about bricking but when it came back on, phone calls were received perfectly. Now need to figure out what caused the issue...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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