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****TWM Performance Holiday sale on our Classic shift knobs!!! ****

Hi Everyone,

We are having a Holiday sale on our Classic series Classic shift knobs when bought in a combo kit with a short shifter! These are an awesome product and will give your interior the finishing touch it needs. Made of 100% stainless steel, these weigh in at a HEAVY 400 grams. As if that wasn’t enough, every Classic shift knob is also Height Adjustable with our patented ATIS system. That means you get a fit and finish that is as good as OEM with a thread on design, and height adjustability of an inch! Finally, all of our products and finishes are guaranteed for life!

We have a total of 8 finishes available and everyone is on sale NOW! TWM Performance is liquidating its stock, so now is your LAST chance to get one of these beautiful shift knobs!

In short, here are the specs of our Classic shift knobs:

-Made of 100% Stainless steel
-Weighing in at 400 grams for a nice weighted shift feel
-Threaded deep for a countersunk and low fit
-Available in 8 finishes
-Thread on design (NO Allen keys)
-Height adjustable due to our ATIS system

Here are pictures of each available finish in the Classic shift knob for sale right now!

Stainless steel finish

Satin finish

Brushed Bronze finish

Championship Gold finish

Gunmetal finish

Flat Black finish

******Mirror and Black Pearl finishes not pictured, but available for sale!

Now it’s time for a little video :) Here’s a demonstration of just how tough our shift knobs are! We took a commonly known shift knob manufacturer’s black finishes and put it to the test against some 240 grit sand paper. Afterwards, we did the same to our Gunmetal finish…the results speak for themselves :)


The Holiday price of all Classic shift knobs starts at $74.95 only with the purchase of a short shifter! That’s a savings of $40!! Price will depend on the finish chosen. This sale price is only available for the Classic series Classic Shift knob.


Purchasing is simple! Simply CLICK HERE to find our short shifter page. From there, select your vehicle make and model, and the short shifter kit you’re looking for. Once you’ve finished these steps, select the Classic Series Classic shift knob, then your finish (color) and Engraving. Then you may check out and proceed to the payment.

Also feel free to check out our other shift knobs!

-M1 Abrams
-A6 Leopard
-Type R
-Big Type R
-Desert Eagle

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know! Feel free to ask any questions you may have in this thread, send us a pm, send us an email ([email protected]), or give us a call toll free at 1-877-655-0540


Team TWM Performance
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