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Well the sun was out today, so I decided to install the TRZ transmission mount today. Except for having to take a lot of stuff apart, I would actually say this was an easier process than the rear motor mount. I would definitely say if someone attempts this, have a friend present. As when you unbolt the mount of the transmission it will settle down some in the engine bay. So if you have a friend present, they can lift it while you line the bolt up. Of course I did this myself, and had to turn into the incredible hulk to get the bolt hole line up with the mount.

I will start with the cons:
-You will get vibrations from this. Mirrors will shake etc.
-You will get random noises from your car, but it makes sense as these mounts are so stiff.
-You will get more engine noise, but again less rubber to cancel out the noise and vibrations.

-Virtually no wheel hop
-Gear whine, you would swear there was a supercharger under the hood.

Here are a pick of the mounts:
TRZ ------------------------------------------------------------------->Stock

Of course the video click

Conclusion: Do this mod if you don't mind some noise and some vibrations. Because I mean after this and the RMM you are pretty planted. I just hope it softens up some.
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