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Transfer Audio to Vehicle not working!

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2016 Mazda 3 + Moto X Pure + AA
I can make a call from my car as usual, but the audio will never be transferred to the car. It is always now on my phone! Even if I pressed the button "Transfer Audio to Vehicle" from Communication menu in the infotainment, nothing happen!
I tried unpairing and pairing again with no luck.
I tried restarting infotainment by pressing NAV+Home+Volume knob but didnt repair the issue.
I tried restarting the phone too.
The phone can connect to a bluetooth speaker with no issue, so i guess it is not my phone.
All other things in the infotainment working perfectly including AA Google maps.
Any idea how to fix?
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If you installed Android Auto there is bug that won't let you use car speakers. The only way it'll work is if you uninstall AA.

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