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As long as you get any Ceramic tint you'll thank yourself
Going to any shop and asking for it will be high $$$
What I've done with my cars is I just buy my own ceramic tint rolls online and then have an installer put it on
something like this, but obviously you want to take measurements first to make sure it'll cover the car right - but this is the seller i've used


My last vehicle I literally only payed $30 for a local installer to put the tint on

you'll save yourself a ton of money and get ceramic tint this way

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I got Suntek CXP to the Virginia legal limit on my 2014 hatchback (35% front, 50% back and hatch). It comes with a lifetime factory warranty (in case the installer goes out of business) and includes fading and bubbling. It may not be ceramic but it works very well and looks badass.
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