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I've been on this site quite a few times but now have a question that I can't find an answer to anywhere else and hoping for some help.

I bought an 07 Mazda 3 2.3 a few months ago. It was a rebuilt title that ran great, pretty clean but had been in an accident. I figured I'd need to do some fixing here and there, not a huge deal. It was the car I wanted for a great price! Anyway, just got to replacing the motor mount and the bracket that attaches to the engine is built in is broken (it's part of the timing cover if I understand correctly). One of the bolts works fine but the other appears to be completely cracked/broken off. So, my question stems from where I've seen parts for sale online. Can I replace just the timing cover? I ask because when I see the engine for sale as a whole it says "must swap timing cover and oil pan from original core" which makes me think that I may have issues if I get a new cover and keep the original core??

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I attached an image. This is not my engine, just one I found online. The part circled is the part that is cracked.


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