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This how you turbo a 3rd gen

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Stick a Mitsu Evo motor in it !!

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yes the 8 can make plenty of power compared to the 9.. although, as with the miata before, i'm thinking theoretically speaking, a turbo for the 2.0 would/should be the same with the 2.5. same application, different details... unfortunately, there isn't much r&d here in australia as compared to US or Asia to try that out..
hmm you've got a point there. i didn't have that in mind, my priority in mind for the turbo would be how the compression ratio of 14:1 can match the boost on the turbo. somewhere between 7 to 14 psi without blowing up the engine..
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Have in mind that this kit is made for engine mounted longitudinally. The only part that will probably fit right is the ext. manifold. All other parts will have to be modified. If you rotate the engine on the pic on 90 degrees to match the MZ3 intake/exhaust orientation you will see that the turbo inlet is on the wrong side, which means that different turbo will be needed. It's not near minor modifications.
actually i've gone back and read through that the test vehicle for developments was a mazda 3..

"BBR has extensive experience of turbocharging MX-5 engines since the late 1980’s and this latest development completes its portfolio of turbo upgrades for four generations of Mazda’s iconic sportscar. However, the marque specialist called upon all of its in-house engineering expertise to develop a forced induction package for the SKYACTIV-G engine, a process that began back in 2014, with early development conducted on a Mazda 3 test vehicle."
yeah i believe my engine here in australia is that of the 13:1 not the 14:1. but you're exactly right about the concerns i have regarding turbo to this engine. however, 7-14 psi/0.5-1 bar isn't considered high boost at all. if any, it's just a little blow. i wonder which regions use the 14:1 comp..
interesting aspect as the temps here in australia do get up really high during the summer. unfortunately, there isn't any specific tuning companies for this engine as compared to the US or Europe. i know even for a fact that the audi RS3 has been detuned to accomodate our weather. i've actually emailed bbr. let's see when they get back to me..
Not really. In Jan and feb, the ambient temps get up to 40+. Not factoring in the hot air and heatwave as your car sits in the sun and while driving.. although with heaps of turbo jdm cars you can think of, I'm not sure why Audi detune the rs3.
Hahaha no I don't mean that. I know it gets pretty warm in Thailand
alright. things are looking up.. i've got a reply from dan at BBR

"Many thanks for your email response.

Funnily enough, our turbocharged conversion for the MX-5 was developed on our own Mazda 3 SkyActiv. We are currently working with our friends at EcuTek to enable us to run forced induction on the Mazda 3 ECU, all hardware has been complete for over 12 months now. With regards to application to a 2.5L Mazda 3, these were not available on the European market and so we unfortunately have not seen one here at BBR. The key factor in whether or not the 2.5L could run our kit will come down to if the exhaust manifold is the same on the 2.0L and the 2.5L."

unfortunately, i'm not sure of the differences between the 2.0 and 2.5L exhaust manifold. if anyone has a clue, please chime in. seeing the limited options here in australia, i'd be willing to take a dive on this bbr kit eventually. corksport and all us based stuff is a little hard on the other side of the world..
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i'd actually love to clarify this when i send my car in for servicing in about 4k kms.. and see what they think.. but clarifying it with Dan from BBR, if it all boils down to the exhaust manifold, worst case scenario is to just custom fabricate an exhaust manifold to fit the turbo, which wouldn't be that hard.

but i do agree with you guys and i feel that this 2.5 engine will be a scaled up version of the 2.0l. i'm heading to the uk in sept, so i'd definitely pop by BBR just to have a look and have a chat with them guys. if all goes to plan, i might take the plunge come year end. additionally, the expected gains would be likewise to the 2.0, which we just add to what we've got on top on base 2.5 power. i honestly hope to see somewhere between 250-300 at the wheels...
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