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This how you turbo a 3rd gen

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Stick a Mitsu Evo motor in it !!

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Interesting! Is this happening in Thailand? Also, what are the specs of that specific engine?
Yes Thailand, actual specifics I dont know as up until today I thought he was turbing the 2.0 skyactiv !!
Thanks! If you have additional news on this project please let us know!

Sure, will update if I can get more details. Project is very hush hush though.
This seems to be an old 4G63 engine.
correct, Evo 8.
It's not clear what they have done with the 3. More info is needed on why they decided to come up with a kit for MX-5 instead of the 3.

Regarding your boost target of 7-14 psi, considering the high static CR, I wouldn't think of such high boost without revising the engine internals or lowering the CR.
BBR stage one is up to 7psi, with careful tuning the 2.0 Sky-G (assuming the 13.0 to 1 Engine and not the 14.0 to 1 engine) will hold that OK.
I'm talking for higher boost, as louisbosco mentioned his boost target.

7 psi is a gentle breeze for the turbo used in their stage 1 kit. The interesting part is that they are giving 3 years warranty, but what is covered?
I suppose only their parts, considering the cast manifold and the light load on the turbo, the kit will last much more than 3 years. However if you blow the engine with their stage 1 kit, I think that this won't be covered under their warranty...
They only have stage 1 at the moment and if they are claim a 3 year warranty you can be sure it is a safe tune and will only cover if they fitted it, even then they will check to make sure the tune has not been changed.
I have high doubts that blowing an engine is covered under their warranty terms. They can always say that it's your fault, like you have used wrong fuel/oil, incorrect maintenance intervals and so on.

Anyway, we are only speculating on what is covered under warranty and what is not.

Another thing to note is their stage 1 kit does not include any additional engine cooling components. The turbo used is oil and water cooled, therefore adds heat to both oil and coolant systems.
The ECU will pull fuel/timing to limit performance once it see an increase in engine temps.
That's a good engine management safety feature, but it robs you performance. If your car continuosly brings temps above normal limits, then this ECU feature won't help you in long term. Or if it happens each time when you go on the track won't be happy with that...
Better approach will be adding additional oil cooler. Oil temperature gauge helps in these cases for estimating the need of additional oil cooler.
So you suggest to do the job properly then. sounds good to me.

By the way, the ECU cut for overheat issues is well beyond "normal" operating temps of the vehicle. Typically its not long before meltdown and do major damage temps.
interesting aspect as the temps here in australia do get up really high during the summer. unfortunately, there isn't any specific tuning companies for this engine as compared to the US or Europe. i know even for a fact that the audi RS3 has been detuned to accomodate our weather. i've actually emailed bbr. let's see when they get back to me..
Gets pretty warm here in Thailand and tuning is not an issue.
Not really. In Jan and feb, the ambient temps get up to 40+. Not factoring in the hot air and heatwave as your car sits in the sun and while driving.. although with heaps of turbo jdm cars you can think of, I'm not sure why Audi detune the rs3.
Yeah its never warn here.
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