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Thinkware F770-2CH + Cellink Battery B

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Hello Forum,

So a couple of days ago I received this kind of a gift from some f**** while my car was parked overnight, it was a hit and run...

Therefore after the incident, I went to my local dealership and got my bumper repaired (fender was not necessary since it is not noticeable and waste of money, so I left it like it was)

Overall very satisfied with the work the dealership did with the paint, is not perfect but nothing is perfect in this life...

So I decided that it was on me to protect myself from people who don't give a rats ass about our property, so I bought the Thinkware F770-2CH +Cellink Battery B for parking record!

I will install my camera today with the help of the guide of @ZuZ , I still have to figure where I want to put it since I want my camera to be stealthy and I want the cable management to be less noticeable as possible both for the passenger (My wife) and myself.

So I'll go install all these equipment and keep this thread updated! :grin2:
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Update! Finished installing the camera (After approx. 3hrs)

I must say that I'm a technical man and by no means a professional but installing the camera was a little more difficult than what I expected, especially the rear camera.

In the end I installed the camera next to the driver's side like @ZuZ did. I wanted to install it in the center as possible but the technology console takes a lot of space and putting the camera under it would mean cable management issues and since I didn't want to see any cables it was not an option.

The passenger's side was a good option but that means that the camera would be very noticeable, cable management would be great and video capture even better, but as stated before I wanted a stealthier look.

So driver's side was the option I took, cable management is great , I installed the 3M mount right next to the solar film which gives better protection and also a stealthier look. For this option I sacrificed video angle since the lens on the Thinkware F770 don't move neither left or right. (The Thinkware F-770 does not have an LCD screen only LED's so they don't really disturb or distract me when I'm driving)

Cellink Battery B was installed under driver's seat and power is provided by the console 12V cigarette jacket, the cable management was easily managed with 3M adhesive clips. (Dind't hardwire it since I'm not a professional and doing it myself could void my warranty) My dash cam sets up plugs into the Battery B and takes power from it even when the car ignition is off, granting me up 18-24 hours in parking mode, without draining my battery.

I don't know if a professional could have done it better but I'm very happy with final result, no cables are visible to the eye, and I didn't destroy any trim by mistake on the way. Maybe some tiny scratches on the interior trim but I learned to enjoy my car and not pay too much attention to little details :)

By the way, I avoided by all means necessary to put the cables through the top SRS Airbags , all wirings coming from the windshield went straight to floor. Hence, making the installation even more difficult since cables are not going on straight lines through the upper pillars and weatherstrips. Although some professional stated that writing the cables through the SRS Airbags pillar wouldn't affect them in case of emergency, but I really wanted to be on the safe side!

I would not recommend this people who really love their cars or don't have too much of technical skills, my car is almost 5 months old soon and I must admit taking trim off and squeezing cables into your new car is not easy...

Soon pictures and test footage will follow :)
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Ok! :) Here are a couple of pictures and instructions on how to install a 2 Channel Camera Set Up...

First of all thank you @ZuZ for your guide, it really helped a lot.

***(Apologies if the quality of the pictures is not that great, I'm having issues with my camera)

Installation Photos & Instructions

So what I did first was to take the upper trim from the hatch door (Not that very difficult, just try pulling it with mild force and it pops out):

Then pull the weatherstrip that connects the body of the car with the door hatch (Try to be careful as possible since the clips might brake if pulled too hard, they might get a little bit bent but as long as they are not broken is good!) Afterwards have patience trying to squeeze the cable through the weatherstrip as it is super tight, patience will conquer this step! :)

Then pull the hatch weatherstrip off and hide the cables, depending on the direction of your camera, you should either go left or right, I went right...

Work your way through the C-pillar with your best friend in this installation, your pry tool:

So as my previous step showed, I ran the cable through the C-Pillar then work through the weatherstrip on the rear passenger door down through the trim at the bottom. Like I said before it could have been easier to run the cable through the upper pillar on passenger side but I wanted to be on the safe side that nothing interferes with the SRS Airbag, so IMO that was the best choice:

Continue hiding the cable though the passenger door sill, lift the weather strip of the passenger side, hide the cable excess if necessary in that area (Also I would recommend this step to measure approx. how much more cable you need until you reach your device) . Afterwards work your way through the pillar until you reach the top of windshield /Pillar top corner:

From there just work your way till until you reach your camera and plug in the cable, and hide your cable as better as possible. And that was for the rear camera part :)

For the front camera just follow @ZuZ guide, the only tiny difference is that I didn't run the cable from the windshield through the pillar top but instead I ran the cable from the pillar top corner down to the bottom along the windshield (The reason is because I have cables running through that area already and it would have been more difficult to hide the cable)

I didn't take many pics of the battery install, but in a nutshell, just install the battery under either driver's seat or passenger's seat then run cable the power cable to the 12V jacket (use 3M mount clips to give a more professional look) :

And voila! There you have it, a 2 Channel Dash Cam Set Up :)

Exterior View Photos

Interior Photos

Uploaded test Footage! Please note that the quality is not the original one, since I downloaded the video from my Dash cam to my phone and got it converted to mp4 files, the actual RAW footage is crisp and Full HD!

Front video:
Rear Video:

I hope this helps you all! :)
Have a great day!
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How are you going to make it hidden if the power input usb is on the right side ? it should've been on the top to make it hidden. Mine is Mini 0826 and its mounted behind the front mirror and very hard to notice.
Look at my post above, that should be able to answer your question :smile2:
@championway, In Israel, Dash Cams are legal and can either be used as proof for insurance purposes or to file a complaint with the Police in case of vandalism or a Hit and Run...
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