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Thinkware F770-2CH + Cellink Battery B

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Hello Forum,

So a couple of days ago I received this kind of a gift from some f**** while my car was parked overnight, it was a hit and run...

Therefore after the incident, I went to my local dealership and got my bumper repaired (fender was not necessary since it is not noticeable and waste of money, so I left it like it was)

Overall very satisfied with the work the dealership did with the paint, is not perfect but nothing is perfect in this life...

So I decided that it was on me to protect myself from people who don't give a rats ass about our property, so I bought the Thinkware F770-2CH +Cellink Battery B for parking record!

I will install my camera today with the help of the guide of @ZuZ , I still have to figure where I want to put it since I want my camera to be stealthy and I want the cable management to be less noticeable as possible both for the passenger (My wife) and myself.

So I'll go install all these equipment and keep this thread updated! :grin2:
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the questions did this extra cam you built in legal at your country ( mean the court will take it as evidence as proof like in Russia ) in west EU not allowed ) :frown2:
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