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Was messing around with some settings today and found a combination that only displayed the "angel eyes" for our headlights while you're moving.

Turn off DRL's in settings and then set the Daylight sensitivity to Low. Then on your headlight stalk choose the setting above auto and you'll 99% of the time be running just the "halo" lights around your HID's.

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Yep, I've been trying to spread this around for awhile on the FB groups... Doesn't work in Canada, the DRL option is forced on by law, there is some fuse trick for them to do... but in the US this works great!

  • In the lighting settings, un-check Daytime Running lights (This will turn off the headlights during the day)
  • Set auto headlight sensitivity to Low / lowest
  • Use the marker / "parking" light setting between Auto and Headlight On for the stalk position
  • ***LEAVE the headlight stalk setting in the marker / parking light position even after you park.

Pro's other than just "halo's only"
  • Headlights still work fully as Auto, turning on/off as needed and at that "low" sensitivity setting seems perfect, they don't come on too early or too late. If starting your car when it's dark, they stay as just halo's with marker lights until you hit 1 MPH in forward or reverse then headlights come on, just perfect all around to me.
  • You also have marker lights (all but headlights) on all the time, and since they are all LED, they won't burn out for many thousands of hours. Having markers on all the time creates excellent contrast for you to stand out to other drivers and not just blend in, makes for less risk of a rear end collision. You know how some people say "just use your lights all the time"? Well, the headlights themselves are for you to see the road at night, but those markers will help you be seen better all the time, that's how that saying came around.

Con's- All ultra minor to non-issue for me, but you should be aware...
  • You will randomly get a warning, but only about once a month (for me on my '22 anyway) that "headlights are on" that can happen on leaving or entering the car. But, since they fully turn on / off by themselves at dusk / dawn like auto headlights should and Off when you park, according to what you have set for the headlight timer, you can 100% safely ignore this. I have parked for days and my voltage meters / Bluetooth battery tracker app shows there is there is no draw while left parked.
  • No dancing headlight adjustment on startup. I honestly can't say if that is really even needed for headlights to actually self adjust or is just an appearance thing. I have left mine this way for months and my headlight aim seems perfect.
  • If you do need to just barely "creep" after starting up at night and can't hit that "full" 1 MPH for the lights to trigger on, then you may have to move the stalk setting to Auto or On temporarily. Can also be a positive as an ultra-stealth mode.
  • No auto high beams - I don't like them anyway, driving a lot in the suburbs and rural fringes, if a car approaches from a side street the auto high beams VERY often do not detect them and you blind the driver that is trying to look for oncoming cars before they pull out. Up to you if you consider this a Con, I consider this a plus with our low beams so strong already.
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