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Mazda 3 2.2 2015
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Hi, all

Alright, It's been 8 months after my first post on this site and I got to say that i'm deeply impressed about the knowledge the most of you have. So its time for my second call for help BECAUSE ITS STILL NOT SOLVED lol.

So I got a Mazda 3 2.2 from 2015 since october 2019. Im loving every aspect of the car and that's the reason I cannot let go of this problem.
So the thing is.. I think I lack power in the second gear.

In the beginning it was a lot more noticeable because the car was stupid slow. Even from 0 to 100 kph I got like 11 of 12 seconds or so. but i heard the turbo whining when i went above 3000rpm. So i went to the Mazda garage and they showed me that the Turbo was ruined. So i paid for a new one ( 2500 euros) but it did not do anything about the performance issue.
So weeks later after a lot of reading and researching and going to friends and garages to have them check the car we got to the conclusion that maybe it was the DPF filter.
I was pretty sure because I had bought the Torque app and it clearly stated that the exhaust pressure was waaaay to high.
So I took it to a professional DPF cleaning station and they told me that it was clogged for 60/70% ! and for 400 euros it was cleaned for like 98% and installed back on my car.
I was so nervous for the 3 days that the car was in the shop. Almost felt like a father who's child was getting some surgery in the hospital. Anyway.. the strange thing is that I never got a fault from the ECU or anything.
But lets go on..

After 3 days I got my car back and Immediately I felt that there was improvement.
So I did some test runs and YES it was quicker. but not as it should be !
Not comes the part that people would call me crazy but I was OBSESSED by this issue.

I took a vid from youtube with the same car and with a editor I noted down the time ( 0.00 ) of every 1000 rpm from 30 to 100 kph.
And he had like 7.3 seconds. like normal.
My test runs were like 8.6.
So I noted down my times from 30-100 kph with every 1000 rpm.
And strange enough. It was almost the same!!!
I was like in shock. I still am lol.

I only lose 0.8 seconds in the second gear from 4000 rpm to 5000 rpm.
That means that he went from 70 - 90 in 2 seconds ( like stated in the official reports)
And I had 2.8 seconds. just wide open throttle in second gear...
Only in that range I have 0.8 second more than a normal Mazda 3.
The other 0.x seconds I lost by not shifting quick enough so lets neglect that.

Does anyone have A CLUE what this issue could be?
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